Siberia Ice Cold White Strong Snus Portion

Siberia Ice Cold Power Portion Snus is a white snus with a high quality and a taste of peppermint. 24mg/g nicotine.

White Strong Snus Portion ✅ Snus Portion ✅

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Siberia Ice Cold White Strong Snus Portion is formulated by none other than GN Tobacco and is the only snus variety of Siberia that is not insanely powerful.  Don’t be fooled, it still ranks as a very strong snus product when compared to other strong snus on the market, with a nicotine strength of 24 mg/g.  So get ready for an intensely strong peppermint taste and very strong nicotine kicks with this Siberia variety. Siberia Blue has a white dry portion pouch that releases flavor and nicotine in a slow and gradual manner for a long-lasting and evenly strong snus experience.  Feel the extreme cold of Siberian winters and the adrenaline kick of super strong nicotine levels in Siberia Blue for intense minty freshness and a powerful snus experience.  Siberia Ice Cold White Strong Snus Portion is suitable for those in search of a strong snus experience and a strong minty fresh bite in a portion that is slow-paced and long lasting. Get yours today!