Siberia All White Super Slim Portion

Taste the chilling sensation of Siberia All White Super Slim -80 Degrees, a mint-infused delight crafted for the seasoned user. With a potent 33 mg/g nicotine content, this tobacco-free offering combines sweet and crisp mint notes with a cooling effect for an intense effect. Available in a discreet super-slim format, enjoy worry-free convenience without staining or bad breath. Experience the potency and quality of Siberia snus with Bestsnus, delivering to Europe, the United States, and beyond.

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A Frigid Breeze: The Taste of Siberian Mint

Introducing Siberia All White Super Slim -80 Degrees, a mint-infused sensation crafted to transport your senses to the icy tundra of Siberia. This tobacco-free, super-slim product transcends the ordinary, offering a multifaceted mint experience. It begins with a refreshing burst of sweet spearmint, which gradually gives way to a crisp peppermint undertone. Together, they create a pronounced cooling effect that leaves a lasting, tingling sensation on your lips. As the flavors unfold, they reveal subtle herbal nuances that enrich the taste. With a potent nicotine content of 33 mg/g, these pouches are designed for those who crave an extended, intense effect without the need for tobacco.

Innovation Unleashed: The All-White Revolution

Renowned for its place among the strongest options on the market, Siberia snus continues to set the standard. This success is due to GN Tobacco’s innovative spirit. The Siberia All White series represents this pioneering approach. It offers the classic, invigorating taste and formidable nicotine sensation. Now, it comes in a completely tobacco-free formulation. The purity of the mint flavor shines through. It’s undisturbed by any tobacco notes. This product is appealing to both new and seasoned users. They seek a clean and powerful snus experience.

The Elegant Choice: Discretion Meets Delight

The convenience of Siberia All White’s super-slim format extends beyond a comfortable fit under your lip. It also maximizes discretion, allowing you to savor the powerful, pure sensation of Siberia’s nicotine pouches in any setting – be it work, social gatherings, or dining out – without attracting undue attention. The absence of tobacco ensures no staining or unpleasant breath, enhancing your worry-free enjoyment. Unveiled by GN Tobacco in late 2022, the all-white nicotine pouch line offers a variety of sizes and styles to cater to individual preferences, ensuring satisfaction for every user.

Bestsnus proudly delivers these elite, tobacco-free nicotine pouches to customers across Europe, the United States, and beyond. With appealing bulk discounts and handy storage tips to preserve taste and freshness, we invite you to indulge in the unparalleled potency and quality of Siberia snus nicotine pouches. Place your order today, and let the refreshing chill of Siberia All White Super Slim -80 Degrees envelop you in a truly memorable experience.

Product Information

Supplier : GN Tobacco

Brand : Siberia

Product Type : Nicotine Pouches

Portion Type : All White

Portion Format : Super Slim

Nicotine content : 33mg/g

Flavor : Mint

Strength : Extremely Strong