flavors affect the mind and soul, they stir emotions and elevate experiences. Our snus comes with ambrosial, creative flavors that were carefully picked and mixed together, in order to make you relish your favorite things, in snus form: coconut, cola, strawberry, vanila, pineapple, and so much more.

  • Bergamot

    Bergamot (7)

    Bergamot is the marriage between lemon and sour orange, that makes for a sweet and sour snus treat and can be found in many traditional snus flavors as a primary flavor or as a blend.
  • Double Mint

    Double Mint (2)

    An icy strong snus taste that hits like a winter breeze.
  • Licorice

    Licorice (1)

    A snus based on the popular candy, and has sourness, bitterness and sweetness that come together to create a cocktail of flavours.
  • Mint

    Mint (18)

    Snus that leaves an icy feeling on the lips and refreshes the breath.
  • Original

    Original (2)

    Here is the signature taste each brand has, and is best known for. Pineapple- A snus with strong sweetness and juiciness that will land you on a tropical island.
  • Tobacco

    Tobacco (21)

    For those who enjoy the original tobacco that tastes like burnt wood, and wish for the classic snus experience.
  • Wintergreen

    Wintergreen (1)

    Snus with a strong odor and menthol taste that keeps you fresh and focused.