Odens Extra Strong Original

Odens Extra Strong Original Portion Snus Designed for the bold, this snus offers a heightened nicotine experience. Dive into a robust tobacco flavor with an extra kick.

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Discover the Odens Original Extra Strong Portion Snus, a product crafted meticulously by GN Tobacco. Dive deep into the rich heritage of Swedish snus with this product that embodies centuries of snus-making expertise. Every portion of Odens snus radiates the commitment to quality, offering a diverse palette of strengths and flavors that stand out in the market.

A Tribute to Bergamot Excellence

One of the distinct characteristics that make Odens snus a favorite among aficionados is the typical flavor of bergamot oil. This essential oil has graced the snus world for generations, imparting a full-bodied and sumptuous tobacco taste. In an era where many modern snus brands have moved away from the iconic bergamot essence, Odens holds its ground. The Original Extra Strong variety not only embraces but celebrates the classical bergamot taste. It paints the picture of a fresh cup of Earl Grey tea with tantalizing citrus undertones.

Depth of Flavors

Odens Original Extra Strong Portion, synonymous with Odens Extra Stark Portion, offers a sophisticated balance of flavors. At its heart lies an earthy tobacco taste, harmoniously accompanied by the zesty essence of bergamot. But that’s not all; a subtle hint of black pepper lingers in the backdrop, adding depth and dimension to every portion.

Impeccable Design and Quality

Beyond the flavor, the experience of using Oden’s Original Extra Strong portions is in a league of its own. Moist, plump, yet designed to fit seamlessly under your lip, these portions ensure an immersive snus experience. With a swift and robust release of its rich flavor and extra-strong nicotine kick, it promises an unparalleled sensation.

Oden’s Extra Strong Cold Portion – A Spearmint Revelation

As a part of the extensive Oden range, the Extra Strong Cold Portion serves the spicy, traditional tobacco flavor. However, it sets itself apart with a gentle spearmint touch. This snus variant offers a refreshingly popular spearmint flavor. The regular portion size combined with its high nicotine content delivers the perfect “kick” every time.

Odens Original Extra Strong Portion Snus is a must-have for those searching for authentic snus online. This product proudly carries forward the legacy of Odens snus, encapsulating the traditional Odens tobacco taste. It’s perfect for those looking for that classic ‘Odens Extra Stark’ experience.

Product Information

Supplier : GN Tobacco

Brand : Odens

Product Type : Snus

Portion Type : Original Portion

Portion Format : Regular

Nicotine content : 18mg/g

Flavor : Tobacco

Strength : Extra Strong