General Classic Original Portion Snus

General Classic Original Portion Snus by Swedish Match. This snus is sure to please anyone who wants a regular strength snus true to age-old Swedish tradition.  Still blending authentic tobacco taste and bergamot oil in the same old-fashioned way, but in a convenient moisturized portion, General Classic snus maintains the Swedish high-quality standard.

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General Snus by Swedish match is still manufactured to this day while keeping true to an authentic Swedish recipe developed by master snus blender John A. Boman.  Made from only the leaves in the tobacco plant and avoiding the stalks, the leaves are sun-dried to give them an earthy authentic Swedish snus flavour true to ancient tradition.  The pure tobacco flavour is further enhanced with bergamot oil and creates an original General Snus blend.  Notes of hay and leather can be picked up in the complex aroma and contribute further to the spiced flavour profile.  General Classic portion snus is a regular strength moist snus with a high moisture content perfect for those who like to get up close and personal with their snus yet want the convenience of a ready-made convenient portion.  Taste tradition in General Classic Portion Snus and be part of Sweden’s own Swedish Match craftsmanship.