Skruf Fresh Ultra Strong Slim White no.05

Skruf Slim Fresh Ultra Strong White no.05 is the ultimate choice for the intense snus user. Experience a crisp peppermint flavor combined with a powerful nicotine hit, all encased in comfortable, slim white pouches. Get your can today and savor the intensity of Skruf.

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Rise of the Snus Titan: A Skruf Odyssey

Skruf Snus, a distinguished name in the snus realm, has ardently positioned itself at the forefront of snus innovation. Since its inception, Skruf embarked on a transformative quest to redefine the experience of ‘snus’ – a quintessentially Swedish smokeless tobacco product. Embracing both tradition and contemporary tastes, Skruf masterfully merged quality craftsmanship with modern flair. One of its standout offerings, the “Skruf Fresh Ultra Strong”, exemplifies this fusion, delivering a potent yet refined taste sensation. Notably, in regions such as the UK, the surge in ‘skruf snus uk‘ online searches is a testament to the brand’s growing influence and undiminished appeal.

Cool Breeze and Fiery Kick: The Flavor Profile

Skruf Fresh no. 5 Mint Ultra Strong unfurls a rich tapestry of flavors, masterfully curated for the discerning palate. At its forefront is a profound minty surge, skillfully crafted from a delicate interplay of spearmint and peppermint. The spearmint introduces a slightly sweet, herbaceous note, while the peppermint lends a more intense, cool sensation. This dynamic duo stands out. Whispers of menthol accentuate the experience. They add an additional layer of coolness. Every pinch revives the senses. This snus has similarities to Skruf’s other Slim fresh offerings. Yet, it distinctly sets itself apart. Its nuanced balance and depth are notable. It avoids overt sweetness. Instead, it offers a refined taste profile. Users are treated to a sophisticated flavor journey that endures.

Skruf Fresh Ultra Strong : Intensity Unleashed

With a nicotine content scaling a whopping 2.4% (or 24 mg/g), translating to 16 mg/portion, this snus is not for the faint-hearted. Its ultra-strong character offers a profound nicotine kick, aligning perfectly with the Skruf Fresh Ultra Strong label. For those craving varied intensity, the brand offers a spectrum, from Skruf Fresh no. 2 Mint Medium to Skruf Fresh no. 4 Mint Xtra Strong, each gaining significant traction among enthusiasts.

Designed for Discreet Indulgence: The Portion Format

The Skruf Fresh pouches excel in ergonomic design. These slim pouches, perfectly contoured to fit under the lip, facilitate a discreet use. Simultaneously, their relatively dry exterior ensures longevity, making every pouch a lasting voyage of flavor and nicotine. This meticulous design reaffirms Skruf’s commitment to enhancing the user experience, from the initial touch to the lingering aftertaste.

Voices from the Community: Reviews & FAQs

Consumers often wonder, “What is snus?” Snus, with its Swedish roots, is a form of smokeless tobacco, traditionally coming in loose or portioned packets. Given the surge in tobacco research and growing concerns over smoking, snus, as a less harmful alternative, has witnessed rising popularity. Skruf, with its diverse offerings, including the cherished ‘skruf mint’ flavor, has received commendations for their consistent quality and innovative product range. Queries on ‘skruf snus uk’ showcase its widespread acceptance in regions beyond its homeland.


  • What is the difference between Skruf Fresh Ultra Strong and Skruf Fresh Medium?
    While both offer the distinct minty sensation, the Ultra Strong variant boasts a more robust nicotine kick, setting it apart.
  • How is snus different from regular tobacco products?
    Unlike other tobacco products, snus undergoes a unique air-drying and curing process, ensuring a distinctive flavor profile and reduced health risks.

Through its impeccable fusion of flavor, intensity, and design, Skruf Fresh no. 5 Mint Ultra Strong encapsulates the brand’s ethos: innovation meets tradition. For the discerning snus enthusiast, it promises an unparalleled experience, setting the benchmark in the snus industry.

Product Information

Supplier : Skruf Snus

Brand : Skruf

Product Type : Snus

Portion Type : White Portion

Portion Format : Slim

Nicotine content : 26mg/g

Flavor : Mint

Strength : Ultra Strong