Odens Cold Extra Strong

Odens Cold Extra Strong Original Portion Snus Experience an extra boost of cold and intensity. Crafted for those who desire a stronger snus sensation.

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Odens Cold Extra Strong Portion Snus: A Refreshing Winter Experience in Every Portion

Introducing Odens Cold Extra Strong Portion Snus, an impeccable blend crafted meticulously by GN Tobacco. This exceptional snus transports you to a serene winter landscape, offering the sensation of an icy breeze on the coldest of days. What stands out is the immaculate minty essence that not only invigorates your senses but ensures lasting freshness, even long after you’ve taken the portion from beneath your lip.

Every use guarantees consistent, refreshing spearmint flavor. Whether you’re a fan of it loose or prefer it neatly packed in a portion, Oden’s offers flexibility in how you savor it. And while the method of placing it under your lip is entirely up to your preference, what remains constant is the astonishment you’ll feel from the fierce menthol chill of peppermint. This Odens snus stands out for its incredibly pronounced taste, offering arguably the most refreshing experience you can find in an extra strong portion.

The mastery lies in the harmonious fusion of high-intensity nicotine with the vibrant notes of peppermint. This ensures you get the much-needed uplift, all while being enveloped in a persistent cooling sensation. What truly distinguishes Oden’s Cold Extra Strong is its flawless equilibrium between the invigorating menthol coolness of spearmint and the traditional, earthy undertones of tobacco.

When Tradition Meets Refreshment

Diving deeper, Oden’s Extra Strong Cold Portion is more than just a strong snus. It is a legacy, a testament to the rich heritage of the Oden range. It encapsulates the spicy, traditional tobacco flavor that fans of Oden have come to adore. Yet, what adds an edge to the Oden’s Extra Strong Cold Portion is its subtle infusion with spearmint. This snus is synonymous with rejuvenation, owing to its immensely popular spearmint flavor. Designed as a regular portion but amplified with a robust nicotine content, it promises the authentic “kick” that snus aficionados seek.

Order your Oden’s Cold Extra Strong Portion Snus online today and dive into a world where tradition seamlessly blends with refreshing modernity. Experience the best of both worlds – the nostalgic tobacco richness and the invigorating chill of spearmint, only with Oden’s.

Product Information

Supplier : GN Tobacco

Brand : Odens

Product Type : Snus

Portion Type : Original Portion

Portion Format : Regular

Nicotine content : 18mg/g

Flavor : Mint

Strength : Extra Strong