White Fox Full Charge All White Portion

White Fox Full Charge All White Portion ✅ Nicotine Pouches ✅ Mint/Spearmint Flavor

16 mg/g
0.85 g
5.19 5.19 € per unit (you win 0 €)


White Fox Full Charge will give you the fresh taste of mint snus in a clean, white, tobacco-free portion . A pleasant cooling sensation and a familiar burn accompanies this particular White fox product and enhances the experience.  Each portion is filled with fragrant mint oil and nicotine from natural tobacco leaves.  Get the nicotine fix you want minus the tobacco taste with this minty fresh alternative to traditional snus. All of White Fox nicotine pouches boast a soft and white material that resembles natural fleece making it unique across different brands.  This special material allows for the flavor and nicotine to be released simultaneously created a one of a kind tobacco-free snus experience compared to other nicotine pouches made with paper fibers. GN tobacco is an expert in the field of snus making and it really shows with the White Fox range of nicotine pouches.  Get ready for a pure taste and a sensation of clean under your lips. “Full Charge” is a great way to describe this new product boasting a portion weight of 0.85g – 0.9g in a 28.95g can.  Once again, GN Tobacco prove their skill in manufacturing great tobacco products with this one.