Skruf Cranberry White (Tranbär Vit) no.19

Indulge in the exquisite fusion of tart cranberry and robust tobacco with Skruf Cranberry White Snus. Ideal for those seeking a unique taste adventure, this snus variant delivers a balanced, long-lasting flavour profile that leaves an unforgettable impression. Explore the world of Skruf, where traditional snus craftsmanship meets innovative flavour exploration.

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The Saga of Skruf:

From Humble Beginnings to Snus Superstar

Established in 2003, Skruf Snus began a remarkable journey. They quickly rose as a fierce competitor to Swedish Match. The company’s success is clear in its innovative strategies. They have an unwavering commitment to produce modern snus. By 2005, Imperial Tobacco Group noticed their rapid ascent and acquired them. Today, Skruf operates under the world’s fourth-largest tobacco producer. They continue to define their unique position in the snus market. This is especially true in Sweden and the UK. Their product assortment includes Skruf Nyans and Skruf Super White. Not to forget, the delectable Skruf Cranberry White is also a highlight.


Skruf Cranberry White: A Dance of Flavors

Unveiling the Essence of Skruf Cranberry White

One of Skruf’s most distinguished creations, Skruf no. 19 Tranbär Medium (Cranberry), unfolds a symphonic ensemble of taste notes. At its heart, the bold cranberry flavor emerges, pristine and unsweetened, creating a taste that’s vibrantly fruity yet maintains a natural authenticity. This cranberry essence seamlessly melds with the deep, earthy undertones of premium ecological tobacco, yielding a flavor profile that’s both rich and fresh. Complementing this harmony, delicate whispers of rose oil add a floral elegance, while undertones of citrus introduce a zesty brightness. The finish, marked by the distinctive aroma of bergamot, adds layers of complexity, resulting in an intricate palate that dances between rejuvenating freshness and sophisticated depth.


Packed Power:

Understanding the Nicotine Strength of Skruf Cranberry White

Designed for the discerning consumer, Skruf Cranberry White packs a balanced nicotine punch. With a strength registering at 11 mg/portion, it offers a medium-strong nicotine experience — strong enough for seasoned snus users but gentle enough not to overwhelm.


Innovative Design Meets Functionality:

The White Pouch Advantage

The Skruf Cranberry White snus is encapsulated in dry white pouches, a design choice that encapsulates modernity and user convenience. These pouches are favored for their reduced drip, ensuring a prolonged release of both nicotine and the intricate flavor profile. Made to comfortably sit under the lip, they leave no discoloration on the teeth, making them an excellent choice for both aesthetic and functional reasons.


Voices of the Connoisseurs:

What Users Are Saying and Some FAQ

The allure of Skruf Cranberry White is evident in the rave reviews it receives. Consumers frequently laud the innovative blend, praising its harmonious balance between fruity cranberry and the rich undertones of tobacco. One recurring sentiment likens the experience to a gourmet dish — layered, sophisticated, and immensely satisfying.


  • What is snus? Snus is a moist powder tobacco product originating from Sweden, consumed by placing it under the upper lip. Unlike cigarettes, snus doesn’t involve burning or smoke inhalation.
  • How do I use Skruf snus? After selecting a pouch, simply position it under your upper lip. Over time, you’ll feel a tingling or burning sensation, which is the nicotine’s effect. If it becomes too intense, adjust the pouch’s position or take a sip of water.
  • Can I buy Skruf snus online for UK delivery? Yes, Skruf snus is available for online purchase, ensuring that snus enthusiasts in the UK can easily access this premium product.
  • The Skruf Cranberry White experience, from its history to its flavor, embodies the brand’s mission: to offer an individualistic and modern selection of premium snus to discerning consumers worldwide. Skruf’s triumph is not just in its product but also in its story — a tale of innovation, quality, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

Product Information

Supplier : Skruf Snus

Brand : Skruf

Product Type : Snus

Portion Type : White Portion

Portion Format : Regular

Nicotine content : 8mg/g

Flavor : Cranberries

Strength : Medium