Siberia Slim White Cold Strong Snus Portion

Siberia Slim Ice Cold Power Portion Snus is a high quality white snus with a strong biting peppermint taste and a powerful nicotine content for icy mint freshness and strong nicotine satisfaction.

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Siberia Slim White Cold Strong is considered the “weaker” variety in the Siberia line.  Don’t be fooled though, with 24mg of nicotine in every pouch, it’s still super powerful.  Siberia Blue has a high-quality soft white portion pouch so you can extend your snus experience and spread out the powerfully strong nicotine kicks for a longer time than with a regular portion.  The feeling is drier at first but it won’t be long before you start feeling and tasting how deliciously strong this snus really is!  Prepare for the biting cold of Siberian winters in your mouth, Siberia Blue is a super power of freezing cold menthol mintiness.