Siberia Black Extremely Strong White Dry Slim

Siberia Snus Black Extremely Strong White Dry is a black portion snus with super strong and dry tobacco in every portion for reduced drip and runniness.  Its robust flavor is enhanced with the spicy boldness of black pepper and flower scented elements.  A long lasting, delicious and effective snus experience in a plump portion.

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Siberia Black Extremely Strong White Dry Slim Portion Snus is one of the many flavorful and powerful varieties in the high quality Siberia line by GN Tobacco.  This ultra powerful variety resembles the Siberia Red and Brown varieties in its strength holding an insane concentration of nicotine per gram, 43mg!  The experience of Siberia Black differs from all other Siberia in its flavor; it has a traditional robust tobacco taste minus the icy mint flavor known to other Siberia varieties. Also, each portion is held together by a black slim pouch that renders the experience comfortable, slow and gradual.  The pouch is tightly woven thereby extending the nicotine kicks and flavor in this powerful and delicious snus for a long time.  The tobacco in Siberia Black White Dry holds less moisture and results in less runniness and a drier snus experience yet it’s flavor strong and distinct for the tobacco lover in you.   Get blown away by the intensity of the nicotine kicks in Siberia Black Slim and feel the comfort of a narrow portion with less bulkiness. Pick up notes of black pepper in the taste and flowers in the aroma and make this snus your go to snus for powerful nicotine kicks and bold classic tobacco flavor.