Offroad X White Dry Portion Snus

Offroad X White Dry Portion-Experience the bitter cold arctic north in this insanely strong snus bursting with high nicotine levels and peppermint flavors released gradually through a white pouch with no runniness.

45 mg/g
0.65 g
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Offroad X White Dry Portion Snus, also referred to as Offroad Arctic Xplorer, by V2 Tobacco, can be seen as a competitor to GN Tobacco’s SIberia White dry.  Just like Siberia it has an insanely strong nicotine level and sits at 45mg/g as a super powerful snus.  We do not recommend this snus for inexperienced users as the nicotine jolts that it releases are seriously brutal.  The intense peppermint flavor also comes on strong with an initial burning stinging sensation known to strongly mentholated mint flavored snus.  Feel the powerful flavor and nicotine kicks in Offroad Arctic Xplorer and experience the freezing north with its bitter cold temperatures and its icy winter air chill down your spine.  All this freshness and spicy tobacco flavor, although shocking to the system,  comes through in a slow-paced manner and provides a no-drip snus experience due to the white pouch and unmoisturized tobacco enclosed.