Offroad Frosted White Dry Portion

Offroad Frosted White Dry Portion snus provides a long-lasting no-drip, mild tobacco-flavored snus experience with a slightly mentholated spearmint taste and regular strength nicotine kicks.

8 mg/g
0.65 g
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Offroad Frosted White Dry Portion Snus, by V2 Tobacco, is a regular portion snus that has not been moisturized during the manufacturing process to allow for a dry, no drip experience.  The pouch contents are released in a slow-paced, gradual manner through the white pouch and provide a longer lasting fresh mint and mild tobacco taste with regular strength nicotine kicks. Each white dry portion feels nice and soft and sits a little while under your lip until it’s naturally moistened and releases the smooth mint flavor and notes of fresh menthol characteristic of a frosted portion.  Offroad Frosted White Dry portions have a mildly sweet and mentholated spearmint flavor and provide a slight sting and a nice cooling presence under your lip.