Offroad Classic Mini Portion Snus

Offroad Classic Mini Portion Snus is a tobacco-centric snus with a rich tobacco flavor and the warm soothing taste of bergamot complemented with notes of black pepper; all wrapped in a mini original portion for fast release and optimal level comfort.

8 mg/g
0.5 g
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Offroad Classic Mini Portion Snus, by V2 Tobacco, is a tobacco-centric snus with a strong tobacco taste and an authentic Swedish snus flavor of bergamot.  The bergamot flavor is typical to original varieties of snus and so are the black pepper undertones that are released with placing this mini portion under your lip.  Feel the comfort and taste the rich tobacco flavor as you experience the regular strength nicotine kicks almost immediately.  If you enjoy the classic, traditional taste of tobacco-centric snus and the warm sweet taste of bergamot, yet prefer a smaller non-invasive portion that will give you just enough of what you need, Offroad Classic Mini Portion Snus has been designed with you in mind.  Get some today and grant comfort to your senses.