Odens Wintergreen Slim Extreme White Dry

Odens Wintergreen Slim Extreme White Dry Portion Slim in design, packed with the crispness of wintergreen. A refreshing snus experience in a sleek pouch.

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Odens Slim Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Slim Portion Snus, with a taste of Wintergreen mint.

Comfortable slim portion format. Oden’s Extreme Wintergreen White Dry Portion, has a distinct flavor of wintergreen.

These are dry white portions, which means low drip. A prolonged snus experience and a lower snus weight per can.

Oden’s Extreme is one of the world’s strongest snus series…

Like we use to say on the can – Be surprised by the difference.

nicotine content of 22 mg/g.

Product Information

Supplier : GN Tobacco

Brand : Odens

Product Type : Snus

Portion Type : White Dry Portion

Portion Format : Slim

Nicotine content : 22mg/g

Flavor : Wintergreen

Strength : Extremely Strong