Odens N3 Original

Odens N3 Original Portion Snus Tobacco Taste Traditional tobacco taste with the signature N3 blend. A classic experience for purists.

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Odens N3 Original Portion Snus: A Classic Reimagined

Presenting the Odens N3 Original Portion Snus by GN Tobacco, a classic rendition embracing the age-old bergamot essence with a standard nicotine potency. Commonly associated with the distinguished Earl Grey tea, bergamot lends a mildly tart citrus nuance, reminiscent of a tangy orange combined with a hint of lemon vibrancy.

Vibrant and rich, the bergamot’s enchanting taste interlaces flawlessly with the Odens N3’s tobacco essence. As characteristic of all Odens snus portions, the N3 Original Portion offers a substantial, snug-fitting portion. Designed for a moisture-rich texture, it triggers an immediate release of the harmonious blend of tobacco and bergamot notes.

The N3’s tobacco exudes a medium-spiced, classic undertone, neither too dominant nor too subtle. This ensures the citrusy character remains at the heart of the taste experience. Priced affordably, yet without compromising on flavor, Odens N3 adds a hint of saltiness and a sprinkle of black pepper, beautifully marrying the sweet, salty, and tart nuances that define this timeless Swedish snus.

Odens No3 Portion: The Bergamot-Tobacco Harmony

Odens No3 Portion stands out with its carefully measured nicotine potency, set at 9mg/g, striking a harmonious balance for both seasoned snus users and newcomers alike. This blend perfectly encapsulates the age-old, revered snus essence by masterfully combining the deep, earthy tones of tobacco with the refreshing zest of bergamot.

The bergamot infusion, reminiscent of the distinguished Earl Grey tea, introduces a mildly tart citrus nuance. This zest, resembling a blend of tangy orange with a hint of zesty lemon, offers a delightful contrast to the robustness of the tobacco. The result? A flavor profile that dances between the rich, smoky depths of tobacco and the aromatic, citrusy high notes of bergamot.

Moreover, the pouches are designed with the consumer’s experience in mind. Generously proportioned and precisely moistened, they promise an instant, flavorful release. The moment it’s placed under the lip, there’s an explosion of both the intricate taste symphony and the gratifying nicotine kick. This immediate burst not only elevates the sensory experience but also beautifully honors the timeless tradition of Swedish snus craftsmanship.

Product Information

Supplier : GN Tobacco

Brand : Odens

Product Type : Snus

Portion Type : Original Portion

Portion Format : Regular

Nicotine content : 9mg/g

Flavor : Bergamot

Strength : Medium