Odens N3 Original Portion Snus

Odens N3 Portion Snus – Enjoy a regular strength snus with moderate nicotine kicks and a delicious bergamot flavor and notes of black pepper.  Quick flavour release in moist and plump portion pouch, it fits comfortably under your lip.

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Odens N3 Original Portion Snus by GN Tobacco is a classical snus infused with the traditional flavour of bergamot and a regular nicotine strength. Bergamot is also used in Earl Grey tea and accounts for the slightly bitter citrus flavour.  It tastes like a sour orange coupled with lemon zest.  Quite aromatic and intense, the delicious taste of bergamot creates a natural fit with the tobacco flavour of Odens N3.  As all Odens snus portions, N3 Original Portion is a large plump portion that has a comfortable fit.  It is high in moisture to provoke a quick release of delicious tobacco and bergamot flavours.  The tobacco in N3 has a spicy and classical tobacco flavour, not too bold and not too mild so as to really allow the citrus-like caracter to be upfront and centre in the flavour profile. An affordable snus with a traditional Swedish snus flavour, Odens N3 also has a slightly salty flavour and a hint of black pepper to create the perfect balance between the sweet, salty and sour flavours present in this delicious classical Swedish snus.

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