Odens Lime Extreme Portion Snus

Odens Lime Extreme Portion Snus has the tangy sweet taste of fresh cut lime in a super powerful portion with 22 mg of nicotine per portion.  The tobacco in this portion is moisturized to allow for quick release of flavour.


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Odens Lime Extreme Portion Snus is produced by GN tobacco, a company with a proven quality track record in the snus industry.  The maker of a variety of snus brands, GN created the Odens line to make affordable quality snus available in a wide range of flavours and strengths.  Odens Lime flavour is a moist and plump snus portion that leaves a juicy, fresh and natural lime flavour that is just sweet enough not to overpower the well rounded tobacco taste.  The combination is quite delicious and irresistible if you love the tropical and refreshing taste of sweet and tangy lime.  Odens Lime comes in different nicotine strengths: regular strength, strong, extra strong and extreme to meet the needs of all lime flavour lovers.  The extreme portion is extremely powerful and comes in at 22mg of nicotine per gram of tobacco in every portion and is only recommended for experienced users of snus.  The strongest portion in the Odens line of products, this extremely powerful snus will blow you away!

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