Odens Lime Extra Strong Portion Snus

Odens Lime Extra Strong Portion Snus – Taste the delicious sweet and sour lime flavour blended with well-rounded tobacco flavours in this powerful extra strength snus.

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Odens Lime Extra Strong Portion Snus- Taste a delicious slice of paradise in a plump moist portion.  Oden’s Lime has the tangy sour taste of freshly sliced lime with its sweet aroma and juicy natural lime flavour.  GN Tobacco is the creator behind this lime and tobacco flavoured snus.  One of the advantages of Odens snus is its affordable price and high quality.  If you like the taste of lime then you’ll love this snus.  The portions are plump and release the mouth watering lime flavour quickly so you don’t have to wait to enjoy it.  Odens Lime Extra Strong Portion snus delivers extra strength nicotine suitable for everyone wanting powerful nicotine kicks.

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