Odens Licorice Original

Odens Licorice Original Portion Snus Delve into the rich and sweet undertones of licorice combined with classic tobacco. A unique flavor fusion for licorice aficionados.

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Meet Odens Licorice Original Portion

Dive into the rich, aromatic world of Odens Licorice Portion Snus, a masterfully crafted product from the renowned Swedish producer, Gajane. This snus isn’t just about its tantalizing flavor; it’s a journey through the best of Swedish traditions and mythology. With each portion, experience the legacy of Oden’s Snus, a brand that has become synonymous with quality and tradition in the world of snus.

Flavor Profile

Immerse yourself in the distinct, full-bodied taste of licorice combined with the traditional undertones of classic tobacco. This blend isn’t your typical licorice; it has been enhanced with a dash of salad, offering a twist to the Swedish snus palette. Expect a symphony of sweet, bitter, and sour notes – all balanced to perfection. If you’ve savored the complex profile of salty licorice, or salmiakki as it’s traditionally called, then Oden’s Licorice Portion Snus will feel like a nostalgic trip. For newcomers, anticipate a robust flavor that’s reminiscent of anise but significantly more pronounced.

Design and Packaging

Every detail matters, and the can’s design is no exception. Drawing inspiration from the captivating tales of Nordic mythology, the container isn’t just a holder; it’s a piece of art echoing age-old stories. This adds an element of cultural significance to your everyday snus routine.

Product Attributes

Manufactured meticulously by GN Tobacco, each portion guarantees a regular strength nicotine level, ensuring a satisfying kick without being overwhelming. The slightly sweet licorice harmoniously marries the earthy nuances of the tobacco, resulting in a one-of-a-kind flavor profile. What makes Oden’s stand out is its moist texture. The tobacco undergoes a specialized moisturizing process during production, ensuring an almost instantaneous flavor and nicotine release upon use. Designed for comfort, each portion is sizable yet snug, fitting perfectly behind the lip for an optimal experience.

Why Choose Oden’s Licorice Portion Snus?

If you’re searching for a salmiak licorice flavor coupled with a consistent nicotine kick in a rapid release portion, your quest ends here. Whether you’re a seasoned snus aficionado or just starting, Oden’s Licorice is a must-try. And for those keen on exploring, don’t forget to delve into the broader Oden’s range.

Discover the magic of Swedish tradition, mythology, and unparalleled flavor with Oden’s Licorice Portion Snus. Order online today for an authentic Nordic experience.

Product Information

Supplier : GN Tobacco

Brand : Odens

Product Type : Snus

Portion Type : Original Portion

Portion Format : Regular

Nicotine content : 9mg/g

Flavor : Licorice

Strength : Medium