Odens Double Mint Extreme Portion Snus

Odens Double Extreme Mint Snus –  Meant for mint lovers who want an immediate flavour release and the power of super strong nico kicks in a mouth-watering extra minty snus.  The tobacco flavour in this snus is there but is not overpowering.

22 mg/g
4.09 4.09 € per unit (you win 0 €)

Enjoy our brand at an amazing price! For 10 cans and up for any model of this brand.


Odens Double Mint Extreme Portion Snus is a plump and amazing tasting super minty snus that will taste fresh in your mouth and give you a whopping 22mg of nicotine into your bloodstream.  This snus has a double mint flavour that appeals to mint lovers. Despite the strong peppermint flavour, you will still taste a mild tobacco flavour come along with it as soon as the juicy minty freshness is released.  The flavour comes in quickly as Odens Double Mint is a “wet” portion; the pouch contains high moisture to ensure an almost immediate flavour release and to get those nicotine kicks into your system at a fast pace.