Odens Double Mint Extreme

Odens Double Mint Extreme Original Portion Rich tobacco meets double mint in this variant. A cooling sensation with the warmth of original tobacco.

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Introducing Odens Double Mint Extreme Portion Snus

Dive into the dynamic world of snus. Meet the Oden’s Double Mint Extreme Portion Snus. This product stands as a testament to GN Tobacco’s avant-garde approach. They are pioneering snus creation. This is their flagship product. It’s under the illustrious Odens brand. It sets the gold standard in the snus industry. It forges its own path. The product has a distinctive flavor. It also boasts unparalleled nicotine strength. Before we delve deeper, let’s understand snus. Snus is a smokeless tobacco gem. It originates from the Nordic regions. Now, it’s embraced globally. It’s consumed discreetly under the upper lip. Snus offers a nuanced blend of flavor and nicotine. Its appeal is both subtle and captivating.

The Double Mint Symphony

Upon opening a can of Odens Double Mint Extreme Portion Snus, a peppermint aroma fills the air. This aroma is enhanced by subtle menthol undertones. The pouches are slightly drier than traditional white portions. However, they remain exceptionally soft. This softness signifies the premium quality of the product. It also highlights the care taken during production. When the pouch is placed under your lip, a change occurs. A soothing and cool sensation emerges. This sensation reminds one of a winter’s breeze. The experience starts with this cooling feel. Then, an earthy tobacco essence pairs with it. Together, they create a unique taste. This taste encapsulates the best of Oden’s legacy. The product features a dual mint profile. The mentholated freshness amplifies this profile. The result is a taste that not only refreshes. It also resonates for a long time.

Beyond the Mint – A Journey of Strength and Evolution

It’s not just the flavor that distinguishes Oden’s Double Mint Extreme Portion Snus. This product showcases an extreme nicotine potency that’s designed for those who crave an intense, almost heady experience from their tobacco. This harmonious balance between intense strength and delightful flavor is further elevated by its perfectly sized portions, designed for optimal fit and comfort. These moistened chewing portion bags expedite the release of the mint flavor, ensuring an immediate and potent flavor delivery.

Tracing back the lineage of Oden’s snus, the brand truly revolutionized the ‘Extra Stark’ market with the introduction of the Oden’s Extreme line, catapulting nicotine levels to groundbreaking peaks. And, with the Double Mint Extreme Portion Snus, this evolution continues. Lasting for over an hour, this snus variant promises not just an instant burst of flavor and nicotine but a prolonged, memorable experience. For those on the hunt for an unmatched snus experience, this product stands out, delivering both a robust nicotine kick and an enduring minty freshness.

Product Information

Supplier : GN Tobacco

Brand : Odens

Product Type : Snus

Portion Type : Original Portion

Portion Format : Regular

Nicotine content : 22mg/g

Flavor : Peppermint

Strength : Extremely Strong