Odens Double Mint Portion Snus

Odens Double Mint Portion Snus is made for anyone who wants a mild tobacco flavor and loves strong minty flavors.  The portion strength is also very approachable as is stands at 9mg of nicotine and releases flavour and nicotine in a quick manner.

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Odens Double Mint Portion is created and produced by GN Tobacco, a leader in the snus industry.  It is flavoured with peppermint essential oil that gives this quality snus its icy cold freshness.  Experience a double dose of extremely strong minty fresh flavour and a cold winter blizzard in your mouth with Odens Double Mint Portion!  This double portion of mint gives this snus portion the feeling of a strong snus but with a regular strength level of nicotine.  The tobacco in this portion is moisturized through a process that original portions undergo to enable quick delivery of flavour and nicotine.  These portions feel moist and plump and release flavour and nicotine at a fast pace allowing the flavour and nicotine to seep through immediately. The nicotine in this portion stands at the regular strength level and is suitable for any smoker who would like to replace smoking with snus.  The extremely strong mint flavours in Odens Double Mint Portion are offset by the mild tobacco flavor in this snus and may be a good starter snus for anyone entering the snus experience and loves strong mint.


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