Odens Cold Extreme White Portion

Odens Cold White Extreme Portion Snus – Powerful nicotine coupled with an intense minty freshness in a slow-paced long lasting portion. Plump portions. High-quality and affordable.

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Odens Cold Extreme White Portion is another great quality Odens snus made with affordability in mind.  GN Tobacco makes it possible to enjoy a great tasting and effective snus that is also affordable.  Odens Cold Extreme White Portion is created to please the mint lover who wants the effect of extremely strong nicotine without an overpowering tobacco flavour.  This snus is sure to satisfy you with its great super fresh mint flavour and powerful nicotine kicks.  The flavour and nicotine are slow paced thanks to the white pouch and will last a long time in your mouth.  An intense snus experience made for the mint lover.

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