Odens Cold Extreme White

Odens Cold Extreme White Portion Revel in the chilling sensation paired with a moist texture. Perfect for an immediate flavor release.

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The Odyssey of Flavors

Dive deep into the invigorating world of Odens Cold Extreme White Portion Snus. It’s a masterful creation by the esteemed GN Tobacco. This snus stands as a testament. It showcases the harmonious marriage of two powerful flavor giants. One is the icy zing of mint. The other is the timeless depth of traditional tobacco.

As you savor each portion, you’ll be captivated. The fiery tingle and chilly embrace of robust mint are mesmerizing. The menthol’s intensity is unmistakable. It’s gracefully counterbalanced by the milder sweetness of spearmint. This balance crafts an impeccably clean and refreshing sensation. Every portion is special. It feels like inhaling the crispest winter air. Your breath remains fresh throughout the day.

Beyond the Coolness: The Tobacco Story

But the experience offers more. Beyond the minty coolness, there’s something subtle. It’s the authentic, earthy profile of traditional tobacco. This profile enriches the flavor. It adds depth that only classic tobacco can offer. This blend isn’t just sharp and refreshing. It’s also complex and layered.

Yet, there’s a marvel in this snus. It’s the formidable nicotine strength. Each pouch promises something. It’s an adrenaline-pumping nicotine rush. This rush is amplified by the fusion of flavors in Oden’s Extreme White. It’s a bold statement. It’s for those who seek an intense kick from their snus.

Odens Cold Extreme White : A Superior Experience

The experience has another enhancement. It’s the distinctive pouch material. The pouches are crafted from a whiter, fabric-like composite. They’re designed for a specific purpose. That purpose is to ensure a steady and prolonged release of flavor and nicotine. This design is unique. You can enjoy an extended snus session. This luxury is rare with conventional portions.

In essence, there’s a refreshing dance in this snus. It involves peppermint zest and deep tobacco warmth. It creates a snus experience. That experience is exhilarating and comforting. The snus boasts an impressive nicotine content of 22mg/g. It also has a generous 20g serving. It’s bound to become a favorite. Both new and seasoned snus enthusiasts will love it.

Secure your refreshing journey with Odens snus. Experience this flavorful marvel. Purchase it from Bestsnus today. Step into a world of minty freshness. Experience the charm of classic tobacco.

Product Information

Supplier : GN Tobacco

Brand : Odens

Product Type : Snus

Portion Type : White Portion

Portion Format : Regular

Nicotine content : 22mg/g

Flavor : Mint

Strength : Extremely Strong