Odens Cold Extreme

Odens Cold Extreme Original Portion Snus Dive into a refreshing cool sensation. Perfect for those who enjoy a chilling snus experience combined with robust tobacco.

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The Icy Embrace of Odens Cold Extreme

Experience the bone-chilling freshness of a winter morning. With every pinch, Odens Cold Extreme Portion Snus comes to life. Expertly crafted with precision, it’s the skilled hands at GN Tobacco that are behind its creation. Consequently, this snus evokes a feeling reminiscent of an icy breath, much like the heart of winter itself. Furthermore, as you indulge, minty notes begin to unfold, ensuring an enduring freshness. Impressively, this freshness persists even after the snus is removed. Additionally, each use consistently offers a burst of peppermint. Whether you prefer it loose or portioned, the choice is entirely yours. However, one thing is certain: the icy sensation it provides is unparalleled, and its sharpness never wavers.

The Mastery of Balance: Minty Freshness Meets Earthy Tobacco

Oden’s Cold Extreme isn’t just about the chill. It’s a harmonious symphony. The intense menthol coolness of peppermint is prominent. It takes center stage. This is complemented by the rich, earthy undertones of traditional tobacco. The blend is truly exceptional. It offers an extremely fresh experience. Every gram promises a powerful nicotine hit. This is intertwined with the soothing coolness of real mint oils. Yet, beneath this freshness is an authentic flavor. It’s the taste of well-rounded, flavorful chewing tobacco. There’s a delicate balance at play. Neither the mint nor the tobacco overshadows the other.

Tailored for the Connoisseur: A Strong and Consistent Experience

Relish the immensely potent nicotine experience provided by the moistened chewing portion bags. The rapid and robust flavor release ensures that the chilling sensation and invigorating taste engulf you almost instantly. Designed in a regular size, the snus offers that familiar and comforting sensation behind the lip, with approximately 20 portions packed in each can. With Odens Cold Extreme, you aren’t just choosing a snus; you’re opting for a meticulously crafted, full-bodied experience that stands testament to GN Tobacco’s commitment to excellence. Dive into this exhilarating journey and let the cold, extreme freshness take over!

Product Information

Supplier : GN Tobacco

Brand : Odens

Product Type : Snus

Portion Type : Original Portion

Portion Format : Regular

Nicotine content : 22mg/g

Flavor : Spearmint

Strength : Extremely Strong