Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus Nicotine Pouches

Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus Nicotine Pouches Free Tobacco

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Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus nicotine pouches englobe the Nordic spirit of Swedish Snus without the traditional tobacco. Nordic Spirit, created by none other than Nordic Snus AB, is a line of originally flavored nicotine pouches. Enjoy the refreshing and tangy citrus flavor of bergamot and tart red Swedish forest berry flavors in Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus and feel the rich Swedish tradition of snus without the taste of tobacco and its teeth-staining properties.  As for the pouch, white and pure is the best way to describe it.  The soft pouch feels comfortable under your lip and will fit quite nicely without feeling overfull.  It is so discrete, no one will even notice it’s there.  An added advantage of nicotine pouches is the no drip and zero runniness you can experience when having them in your mouth, even for a longer time.  The flavor and nicotine content is released in a symbiotic fashion, slowly and gradually due to the perfect weave of the soft and white material.  Don’t be fooled, the romantic nature of this snus and its clean white pouch in no way reflect its nature in terms of nicotine content.  Expect a nice strong kick comparable to strong traditional tobacco snus in a completely tobacco-free product.  Go ahead, give yourself the perfect blend of the strong nicotine kicks and refreshing summer flavors in Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus tobacco-free nicotine pouches and try the other flavors as well!