Lyft Freeze X-Strong Slim Nicotine Pouches

Lyft Freeze X-Strong Slim Portion is the strongest flavor and nicotine strength in the Lyft series.  Made from all-natural ingredients, the pouch is all white and will not stain your teeth with its tobacco-free nicotine.  Strong mint taste. Strong nicotine. Slender format.

16 mg/g
0.7 g
7.49 7.49 € per unit (you win 0 €)


Lyft Freeze X-Strong Slim Nicotine Pouches will give you a snus experience like no other. Lyft uses environmentally-friendly, natural materials and processes. The clean and soft all-white pouches are plant-based and stuffed with tobacco-free nicotine derived from quality tobacco leaves and processed to produce a pure white finished product. Keep your teeth stain-free while enjoying your snus.  Lyft Freeze has an icy cold mint flavor with no tobacco taste.  Get extra strong nicotine kicks and an intense minty fresh breath with this slender, made to fit all-white snus.  Lyft Freeze is so popular it’s made it to our top 10 best selling snus! Lyft nicotine pouches are also available in other flavors and strengths.