Kapten White Original Portion Snus

Kapten White Original Snus Portion is a straight-forward, no bells and whistles snus.  It’s what classical snus is meant to be: a tasty tobacco snus that won’t send your head spinning but will give you just the right level of nicotine strength in a long-lasting and convenient snus portion.

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Kapten White Original Snus Portion is a great tasting snus with the classical taste of Swedish tobacco.  Kapten is a traditional snus brand that has a proven track record in the world of snus.  Manufactured by AG Snus,  the Kapten brand has benefitted from five generations of snus making expertise and it shows.  A regular sized portion with a long lasting flavour release and regular strength well-rounded tobacco flavours is the best way to describe this popular snus.  People love it so much, it’s made its way to our Top 10 sellers and has maintained its position for quite some time proving that Kapten White Original Snus is a staple snus and a must-have for anyone who wants a straight-forward classical snus.  Get yours today and make it part of your snus roundup!

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