Kapten White Melon Mini Portion Snus

Kapten White Melon Mini Portion with a taste of melon.

5 mg/g
3.69 3.69 € per unit (you win 0 €)

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Kapten White Mini Melon Snus Portion with a taste of melon.

Includes a beautiful hint of Melon but using a notable tobacco personality front plus some very mild floral components. The floral notes attract a sweetness into the flavour, and also the Melon adds a refreshing feeling. This can be coupled with a few salt to accentuate the flavour and a wonderful hot notice of pepper.

Regardless of their size the smoke and flavour encounter is nevertheless in no way dull or boring. The delivery comes with an even pace on account of the sterile white purses, and is a lot more long lasting compared to a first part snus. Their small size makes them discreet that is ideal if you occasionally do not want to broadcast your own snusing into the entire world. Snus online Snus UK Snus Store