Jakobssons Wintergreen Strong Slim White Portion Snus

Jakobssons Slim White Wintergreen Strong Portion Snus. Wintergreen sweetness taste with notes of mint.

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Jakobssons Slim White Wintergreen Strong Portion Snus comes with a Wintergreen flavor and in a Slim version. It has a delicious wintergreen sweetness taste with notes of mint and a high nicotine content of a Jakobsson’s strong snus.<p> Jakobsson’s wintergreen Slim is classed as an Slim White type portion goes thru an extra step at the end of the manufacturing process that adds a few extra drops of water to each portion before it’s placed in the can. This extra moisture helps the flavors to bind together with the tobacco and give you an immediate burst of flavor when you place it in the lip. The portion material used in Jakobsson’s wintergreen is the same soft material that’s used in all their snus flavors and is comfortable in the lip for over 2 hours. Each can of Jakobsson’s wintergreen has 20 portions with each having 14 mg of Nicotine.

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