Jakobssons Cola Strong Portion Snus

Jakobssons Strong Cola Portion Snus with a flavor of cola, citrus popsicle.  Release its delicious taste a little longer in you mouth. This is a snus with 14 mg/g hits you slightly slower. Only on your favorite snus shop online for snus UK.

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Jakobssons Strong Cola Extra Powerful Swedish Snus has a Flavor of cola and is manufactured by Gotlandssnus.

The nicotine encounter is 5 out of 5 compared to similar swedish snus products. The first pouches may also be experienced in slim, miniature and original.

Jakobsson’s Special Strong Cola has a distinctive cola taste with notes of citrus and a delightful sweetness.

This snus has a standard sized pouch. Nicotine content 14mg/g.