General Loose Extra Strong

Unlock an unmatched tobacco journey with General Extra Strong Loose Snus! Experience its rich, bold flavors and elevated nicotine strength for a traditional Swedish snus sensation like no other. Don’t miss out on this versatile masterpiece!

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The Enigma of Origin – Crafting a Legacy

Born out of an ambition to create the finest snus the world had ever known, General Extra Strong Classic Loose Snus was meticulously blended by master blender Johan A Boman in 1849. With a recipe that’s been a closely guarded secret for generations, it has stood the test of time. Acquired by Swedish Match in 1915, the General brand has burgeoned into one of the most widely sold Swedish snus varieties in the market today. With the enigmatic blend of General Extra Strong Loose, you are not just indulging in snus; you are partaking in a Swedish legacy that has rippled through centuries.

The Palette of Flavors – A Culinary Experience

Designed to be a full-bodied indulgence, the flavor profile of General Extra Strong Loose is akin to an intricate tapestry of tastes and aromas. The spicy character of the tobacco is impeccably balanced with an overtone of bergamot oil, amplified by a subtle dash of pepper. Intricate notes of tea, hay, and leather converge, crafting a luxurious aroma that makes the General Extra Strong Loose Snus an opulent experience. The saltiness that accompanies this blend is a masterstroke, complementing its spicy tobacco nuances to absolute perfection. Unlike its counterpart, General Loose, the General Extra Strong Loose packs an extra punch with a high nicotine strength of 12mg/g as opposed to 7.5mg/g.

The Freedom of Form – Versatility in Every Pinch

What sets General Loose Extra Strong apart is its freeform nature, allowing you to shape your snus experience literally with your own hands. Without the barrier of a portion pouch, the robust, smoky flavors are released instantly and powerfully, letting you savor the full spectrum of its complexity. This customization extends to the nicotine level, which sits at a potent 12mg/g, catering to those desiring a more intense hit—perfect for heavy smokers transitioning to snus.

The International Stage and Long-Lasting Experience

The bond between snus and Sweden is unequivocal, with Sweden serving as the global snus connoisseur. General Extra Strong Loose is not only a product of Swedish expertise but also an international sensation. Exported to captivate markets worldwide, its appeal transcends borders, captivating global palates every day.

Quality is not just a buzzword with General Swedish Snus; it’s a commitment. From the carefully selected premium tobacco leaves to the exquisite flavorings, every element of this smokeless tobacco works in harmony to offer a rich, satisfying experience. The flavor lasts from the moment you place it under your lip until you decide it’s time to part ways, ensuring a long-lasting and immensely enjoyable snus experience.

The Timeless Allure of General Snus

When you choose General Extra Strong Loose, you’re not merely opting for a tobacco product; you are becoming a part of an age-old tradition, a legacy that has charmed smokeless tobacco aficionados for generations. So, indulge in the time-honored blend of General Extra Strong Loose Snus and experience an unrivaled balance of flavors and strengths that will leave you craving for more. Whether you’re a seasoned snus user or a novice looking to start your journey, the General brand offers you a ticket to a rich cultural and sensory landscape. Choose wisely, choose General.

Product Information

Supplier : Swedish Match

Brand : General

Product Type : Snus

Portion Type : Loose

Portion Format :

Nicotine content : 12mg/g

Flavor : Tobacco & Bergamot

Strength : Extra Strong