General Classic Mini White Portion Snus

General Classic Mini White Portion Snus – The old age classical taste of General snus in a small portion, half the weight of the regular portion.  White pouch for longer lasting, slow paced and clean snus experience.

8 mg/g
0.5 g
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General Classic Mini White portion snus is a mini portion of General Classic White, a regular strength snus packed in a clean white pouch for a long lasting slow paced snus experience.  The mini portion holds half the weight of the regular sized portion and weighs 0.5 gram compared to the 1gram in the regular size portion.  The strength of this snus is the same in both the mini and regular sizes, however the mini portion yields less tobacco therefore less nicotine. General Snus by Swedish match is still manufactured to this day while keeping true to an authentic Swedish recipe developed by master snus blender John A. Boman.  Made from only the best leaves in the tobacco plant and avoiding the stalks, the leaves are sun-dried to give them an earthy authentic Swedish snus flavour.  A fruity citrus flavor gives this snus its character.  Blended with pure tobacco, its further enhanced with bergamot oil. An original General Snus blend true to old fashioned tradition in a mini modern portion.